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DISCUSSION (theme 1- Introduction)

"Problems for discussion"
  1. What energy equivalent of one ton of conditional fuel (TCF)?
  2. What is the value of energy equivalent of one ton of a petroleum equivalent (TCP)?
  3. If accept  the today's price of petroleum 60 $ for barrel and to get TCP without wastes how much does one kWh cost?
  4. How many barrels in 1 TPE?
  5. The price 1 W of adjusting solar panel power 1 - 4 $, for a thermal power station adjusting power price approximately in 1000 times is less. Whether photovoltaic converters have any prospects?
  6. Manufacture of solar batteries(SB) requires significant energy. During work SB return this energy duty. Silicon SB at service life 20 years have not time to return this duty. Whether has sense to make them ?
  7. In this lecture the available estimations of stocks and demand for petroleum were given. Using them give the forecast when the petroleum resource will be exhausted and what country will exhaust their stocks by first?